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Welcome to the World of Natural Stone.

  In the following pages you will be able to choose NATURAL STONE such as Terracotta, Limestone, Multi-Colour Slate, Travertine and Marble etc.. Natural Stone such as these can be imported from China, India, Africa and Europe.

  We have many years experience of supplying and fixing Natural Stones. We are able to provide an Efficient, Informative and Straightforward service to create the individual style that you require.

  The pages you can view within our site will provide you with the necessary information about Natural Stone, A Clear Price Guide, Delivery Details, recommended places to fix various stone and a general guide to fixing natural stone.

  As an experienced supplier and fixer we can offer our honest advice to help you select the right stone for the right room.
Two examples of our “supply and fix” are featured in the next page to show not just the tile itself, but a clear illustration of a completed job and surroundings.

Your Attention is drawn to the Terms & Conditions of supply; please Read Carefully.
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